Own YOUR Brand


Marketing is just like Jiu Jitsu.

What works for one person; may not work for you.  There are countless positions and submissions that you can learn in the course of your training on the mats, but when you break it all down, it’s either a submission, sweep, escape, or controlling a position.

In marketing, there are all sorts of ways you can be promoting your business:  Television, Newspaper, Radio, Social Media, Direct Mailers, Vehicle Wraps, Fliers and the list goes on and on.

On the mats, in order to be victorious, you have to rely on everything that you have learned up to this point; your escapes, submissions, your ability to sweep your opponent, and the importance of staying calm.  You cannot simply rely on all of the submissions that you know, only to be swept by your opponent without the knowledge on how to escape the position that they have now put you in.

In marketing, you can’t rely on just one form of advertising to get your message across.  Having a great TV or Radio campaign that directs the consumer to a terrible website that is hard to navigate, defeats the purpose of the commercials you aired.  Having a great marketing campaign that brings people into your business, only to be greeted by a staff that looks unprofessional or they haven’t been properly trained.

In jiu jitsu, when you start to combine your moves together,  you are creating you “game” –  your “brand” on the mat.  Sure there will be times when things do not go your way, but you don’t stop training.  You learn from your mistakes and you work on correcting that area of your “brand” so that you are more successful the next time you step onto the mat.  You don’t give up on “playing bottom” to be a “top player” because you are no obtaining the results that you had hoped for.  You have to make adjustments to your game, improve your skill set, and have the patience to work on improving yourself.

In business, you should be combining your marketing too.  Use your radio commercial to remind listeners to check for your special offer in their mailbox, use your direct mailer and social media ad to direct them to your website, which you have gone to great lengths to ensure it is easy to navigate and the information the consumer would be looking for is easy to find.  When potential customers step foot into your business, have the confidence that the team that you have hired and trained will be able to close the sale while ensuring the customer has had a positive experience.

You do not develop an effective jiu jitsu game overnight.  Don’t expect to develop your strong business brand in a short period of time.

Stay focused and always work on ways to make yourself and your business better.

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