PREPARE for the storm

Ed LeMonnier Sump Pump

As it was storming today, I thought of my basement.

You tend to do that after your sump pump has gone out twice within the last 6 years.

Since the first time that the pump went out and the recently finished basement needed to be cleared out, including the brand new carpet and padding, I have become a lot more proactive when it comes to checking on my basement and the pumps that are in place to keep it dry.

I added an “Ace In The Hole” to ensure that I would have a back up should the main pump go out and when it is storming I make sure I hear the pump go on, otherwise I am off to the hardware store to get a replacement.

On a side note:  If you are a plumber, maybe advertising over the course of the year would help people recall your business when they are actually in need of your service.  Otherwise they are jumping on Google or going to the Yellow Pages – where all of your competitors are also located.  Be proactive, not reactive with your marketing.

What are you doing right now to prepare your business for the upcoming storm?  Are you simply working with a “weekly offer” or are you planning out your sales several months in advance and designing your marketing to match those sales?

A perfect example are home improvement stores.  They work their messages and their sales based on the seasons.  Here in Central Illinois, they know that they will be promoting snow removal in the winter, organization and spring cleaning come the spring, backyard makeovers in the summer, and preparing the yard and home in the fall for the upcoming winter.  They don’t just wake up in December and decide they will be promoting their line of snow throwers.  That’s planned out in JULY!

Running your business is a marathon and you should be looking long term and budget your advertising over the course of the year.  You don’t want to have Autumn roll around and your entire advertising budget is gone, leaving you without the resources needed to promote your Christmas special.

You did know that December was approaching when you were planning your budget?  That it would eventually be here and you would want to attract holiday shoppers into your store correct?  Even if you did not know what the specific sales would be when you were planning your budget, you did know that you would want to have the resources to advertise it once December finally arrived.

No one is going to turn your money away if you are looking to buy advertising for December in the month of July.

Who knows, maybe planning your marketing for the year and working on building a relationship with a marketing specialist that wants to see your business grow, just might be more effective then taking what money you have right now and promoting a quick sale that starts in three days.

Every year is just a small portion of your marathon.  The better you prepare for it, the easier it will be for you to handle.

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