The Goal: 50 Rejections


Life is not a little league baseball game.  We are not all going to get a trophy and go out for ice cream when it’s all said and done.  It is filled with rejection and if you can get one person to commit for every 50 rejections, than the goal is to get 50 people to say “No Thanks”.  After all, it’s easier for people to say “no”.  (Thanks John)

The past several weeks have been filled with amazing experiences and opportunities, including attend the 3rd Annual Robson Moura Nations United Brazilian Jiu Association training camp were I had the ability to train with World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts while being reminded just how fortunate I am to have such an amazing support group around me; including my amazing wife and daughters.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has changed my life and I am testing the waters to see what interest there is here in Bloomington-Normal when it comes to a kids program.  The classes would be 45-minutes long before the adult class, which would fit perfectly into my schedule as Tuesdays and Thursdays have been “Girls Club” days, when Molly takes Breanna and Kelsey to their activities (I have Monday and Wednesday Nights so Molly has time to herself).

I’ve also been going through the Dale Carnegie training and have picked up a lot of great information that I have been applying at work and at home.  We’ve been cramming a lot in during the 8-hour sessions, but I feel that all of the training that I have received in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had prepared me for the interaction that would be taking place through the various activities we would be participating in.  The key is to apply what it is that you are learning in your everyday life for the training to really take effect on you.

In addition, I am going to be hitting the freelance scene harder than before as my goal is to pick up 10 annual clients that I will work with on their radio advertising campaigns and I will be reaching out to the Sales Managers of various radio stations across the country concerning my freelance copy writing and audio production which would allow their sales team to spend more time out on the streets selling, while I write, voice and produce their campaigns.


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