Think It Through

We live in a fast paced world, but you really need to stop and think things through; especially when it concerns your marketing and promotions for your business.

Don’t rush to execute the first idea that you came up with.  Instead, run your ideas by people you trust and allow them to contribute ideas that could build upon your existing idea or provide one that may take you in a totally different direction.  You trust these people for a reason and they may be able to catch something  that could be a major issue with the concept that you did not realize as you were in a rush to get the ball rolling.

I recently heard an ad for an “ALL WHITE CHRISTMAS PARTY” at a local “Gentlemen’s Club”.   Now if I told you that I was hosting an “ALL WHITE CHRISTMAS PARTY”, what would you think about me and the party?

Remember the old saying: “Think before you speak.”

They needed to explain that guests were to wear all white, because if the LISTENER doesn’t hear the explanation, the party could sound a bit racist.  This VALUABLE time took away from the message about bringing a new toy for their Toys For Tots campaign.

Another issue with this party:  The “Guess Who Didn’t Wipe” Game will be played.

It’s one thing trying to explain all of the body glitter on your clothes, but when you need to explain where the “racing stripes” on your pant legs came from, there’s no way you can make up a story to bail you out of that mess!

So either think things through all the way and ask yourself if there will be any issues, or plan on stocking up with wet wipes and laying off the greasy food!


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